No. We follow the health guidelines from England and the USA, whereby the use of a heating element is not allowed. A heating element carries the risk of legionella bacteria formation. By keeping the water at the right temperature with an element, instead of occasionally bringing the water up to temperature with fresh hot water, there is a risk that bacteria will grow. The UK government has included this in its advice on water feeding. Cases of infection have been investigated by CDC Arizona. Source: UK Government & CDC Arizona

Our hygiene and infection prevention measures are always scientifically based. We prefer prevention to cure.

Tests show that the temperature of the water in our pool stays at that temperature for a long time and it is very easy to raise the water temperature if needed. Of course, all this is described in detail in the manual.

You can book the birthing pool at any time during your pregnancy. For our planning it is good if we get the booking before the 35th week of pregnancy.

If you rent the pool, we will make sure it is delivered to you during the 36th week of your pregnancy.

If you cancel the birthing pool before it has been sent, you will receive a full refund. We do not need a reason or proof of medical indication for this. If you have received the pool and do not use it, the cost of the (unused) disposable accessories will be refunded upon their return.

If you need a birthing pool at the last minute, please allow for a delivery time of four working days.

We supply 1 water hose. This water hose is always new and free from toxic substances. The water hose is first used for the supply of clean water and after delivery for the disposal of the used water. Discard the water hose after use.

For hygiene, we deliberately choose not to reuse the water hose (e.g. 1 for supply and 1 for drain). A water hose can never be 100% clean and/or dry, with the risk of infection for the mother and baby.

Our hygiene and infection prevention measures are always scientifically based. We prefer prevention to cure. Sources: edelimmersys.com & Texas Midwifery Board – Waterbirth Guidelines (PDF)

The birthing pool can be set up within 15 minutes. No hassle with kits and tools. Of course, a clear manual is included. If you still can’t figure it out, you can always contact us.

For various reasons, the birthing pool may not be used, for example due to a medical indication.

When you return the supplied disposable items in the box (unopened and unused), an amount of 550 SEK will be refunded to you. This only applies to the total package, so individual unused parts will not be credited separately.

If you cancel the rental pool before week 36 of your pregnancy (i.e. before the rental pool has been sent), for example due to a medical indication, the full amount will be refunded.

We ship to Sweden and Denmark.

We do not recommend using a used, uncontrolled birthing pool. You don’t know how the pool has been used and if there are weak points. To ensure safety, it is wise to buy a new birthing pool or to rent a professional pool for multipurpose use. When you buy a new pool yourself, and you therefore know exactly how it was used, you can use it again for further redemption.

For example, keeping the temperature of the water in the birthing pool may be the responsibility of the partner.

Tests show that the water in the birthing pool stays at the right temperature for a long time and it is very easy to bring the water temperature back up when needed.

Our advice is to first fill the birthing pool to the minimum fill level (indicated on the inner lid), so that you can easily top up with warm water. Minimum filling height is high enough for feeding.

To adjust the temperature (warmer or cooler) during your time in the pool, remove the water from the pool with a clean bucket and add hot/cold water again with the hose.

With the heating protection (optional with rental and supply pool sales packages), the temperature drops by only half a degree per hour, depending on the room temperature, humidity and air circulation at the pool location. You use this cover when you are not in the bath. You can also fill the bath 1 to 2 degrees warmer if you plan to take a bath later.

Once you have purchased a birthing pool, it will be delivered to you within four working days. When you rent a pool, you get it in week 36 of your pregnancy. You will receive an email from us with the delivery time. The pool is at your disposal until week 42.

he choice of the size of the birthing pool is based on practical and emotional considerations.


The room where the bath will be
Is there room for the midwife to access at least two sides during labour?
Do you want to have room for your partner in the bath (not possible with Mini)
If you have a boiler or central heating (due to the amount of water; Mini = 480 litres, Regular = 650 litres)

Mini can give a feeling of more security
Regular gives more freedom of movement

If we assume the largest size: the weight of 660 kg (bath + water) + pregnant is distributed over an area of 1.6m2. This is about 460 kg per m2, evenly distributed (so no point load). The same m2 load applies to the smaller size.

A normal floor construction should be able to carry this weight with ease. Of course, we can’t give any guarantees for a specific building, but our experience is that this has never caused any problems. In case of doubt, design drawings can provide a definitive answer.

The professional birthing pool is fully tested and checked for damage every time before delivery. The pool is always 100% clean and disinfected. The inner cover and accessories are always new and should be discarded after use. Only the pool, the tap fittings and the inflator pump are recycled.

From a hygienic point of view and risk of infection for mother and child, we do not take the risk of reusing goods from the delivery packaging.

If you have not been able to use the purchased birthing pool, package or accessory for your birth, it can ALWAYS be returned, no matter how long you have had them at home. We therefore deliberately deviate from the statutory 14-day return period, so that you can prepare for childbirth without worry.

It is important that the products are unused and unopened. If this is not the case, we cannot credit the products due to hygiene protocols.

Upon receipt, you can open the box, so you are sure that the order has been delivered to you in full.

Pay attention to what is included in other providers’ rental packages. All accessories in our package are new and unused. We do this to prevent the risk of infection for the mother and baby. We believe that safety cannot be compromised.

We also make sure that the rental pool is always clean and checked for several points. This way you can be sure of a reliable, safe and hygienic preparation for your water feeding.

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