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With us you can rent or buy everything you need to give birth in water or assist with a water birth. We are the Nordic retailer of Birth Pool in a Box – the birthing pool recommended by midwives and birthing people all over the world.



Pain reliever

in a natural way

Giving birth in warm water has a pain-relieving effect, which creates a safer birth.


in and between contractions

The pool’s shape, soft edges and warm water allow you to relax both during and between contractions.


and mobility

In our birthing pools, you have plenty of space. Being weightless in the water facilitates the body’s ability to move and the freedom to change positions increases.

Choose where you want to give birth

in the hospital or at home

Our birth pools can be used at home during the latency phase or planned home birth. More and more hospitals are also offering water births. Some have a birthing pool, others allow you to bring your own. Ask your intended maternity clinic about their range.

Calm & nice start

for you and your baby

Giving birth in a birthing pool contributes to a calm and safe birth.

Increased positive control

during birth

Many feel that they become stronger and more independent during childbirth and that the bath contributes to security.

Take a look at ours

Birth pool and accessory pack

What fits your needs?

With us, you can choose whether you want to buy or rent a birthing pool. Whatever you choose, we offer fast delivery and excellent service.

Birthpool in a Box

Developed together with pregnant women and midwives.

The water stays at the right temperature

All pools have an integrated seat for your comfort

The world's most widespread birth pool

Our products are recommended by midwives


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about water birth

What is water birth?

Water birth is the process of giving birth in a birth pool filled with warm water. Some women choose to labour in water and then

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