Liner regular x 10

Liner regular x 10

5680 KR

Liner for Birth Pool in a Box regular / 1-person

  • For Birth Pool In A Box pools only
  • Comes in two sizes- Regular and Mini size
  • High quality Birth Pool in a Box liner
  • Easy to apply liner, manufactured specifically to fit Birth Pool in a Box pools


Liner for Birth Pool in a Box

A disposable liner is essential from a hygiene perspective as it forms an effective barrier against both water and germs. It is for both Personal and Professional Birth Pool in a Box pools.

The liner also acts as an additional container for the water in the pool and makes cleaning up simpler & quicker.

The liner incorporates a pocket for the cupholder and handles and is a snug, comfortable fit. May be used with any Birth Pool in a Box Pool provided by your midwife, Doula or Homebirth Group. Does not fit hexagonal or circular inflatable pools.

Always use a new Birth pool in a Box liner for each use of the pool. Please do not use universal / generic liners as they are not made to fit the pool.

Material: 0.20mm eco PVC meeting EU regulations on maximum phthalate content. Free from cadmium, lead, and latex.

Please ensure that you choose the correct size liner for the pool you are using (a Mini liner for a Mini size pool and a Regular liner for a Regular size pool)

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Weight 17,5 kg
Dimensions 38 × 34 × 33 cm
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