Customers stories about the birthpool

A safe and warm bubble that was all mine

Since my first pregnancy, I have wanted to give birth in water. With number one it was never like that, as the birthing tub was hard, happy and cold against my bare skin. With number two, we instead planned a home birth and then rented a birthing pool – what a difference! The pool, which is of inflatable form, was soft and compliant. It was very nice to both lean against, but also to hang over. The bottom is also inflatable and was comfortable to rest against, both sitting, semi-lying and kneeling. It had handles which helped me to lock my body when the pain came, instead of having to cling to my husband (which would probably have been perfectly fine). The pool gave me a safe and warm bubble that was all mine, no one could get into it, and it gave me a lot of peace. Giving birth in water is the best thing I have done, and should there be more children, I will aim for a water birth again.

– Ingrid

In my own power without being disturbed

In the pool I could give birth on my terms and in my power without being disturbed. It was easy to rent from Fö, clear and simple instructions which made it easy to use the pool. I am so grateful for this amazing birthing experience and if I give birth again it will be in a birthing pool.

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