To rent a birth pool

Renting a birth pool

Here you can read everything you need to know about how it works to rent a birth pool from us at Fö You can rent a birthing pool regardless of whether you want to use the soothing effect of the warm water during all or part of your birth. Birth pool in a Box is a specially designed birthing pool, created in consultation with midwives and birthing women around the world. Choose between two sizes: Mini and Regular.

For whom is it suitable to rent a birthing pool?

Renting a birthing pool is suitable regardless of whether you plan to give birth in hospital or at home. A birthing pool is a fantastic tool to have in the latency phase, the period of birth where you are generally at home, and where many find great joy in bathing. Maybe you don’t have a bathtub, or you want to optimize the comfort that comes with a birthing pool – soft edges and a depth that allows you to float make a big difference. Some birthing clinics also welcome you to bring your birthing pool into the hospital. Ask your intended maternity clinic what applies there.

For you who are planning a home birth, the availability of a birthing pool as a tool for relaxation and pain relief can mean great security as medical pain relief is not available and the evidence shows that the water offers many benefits from this perspective as well.

How does it work to rent a birthing pool?

Click on the desired pool in our store, press “hire” and then enter the estimated due date in the box that appears. The product is now in the shopping cart. Click on the shopping cart and follow the instructions. We send the birthing pool so that you have it during your 36th week of pregnancy.

When should I book my birthing pool?

Book your birthing pool when you have decided that you want a pool for your birth. We recommend that you book as soon as you know you want a pool, and no later than week 35 of pregnancy, to ensure that you receive a pool in good time before birth. The pool is delivered during your pregnancy week 36 or, if you book later than that, within 3-7 working days.

What is included in the birthing pool rental?

When you rent a Birth pool in a Box from, everything you need for a water birth is included. Included starter kit includes pool, pump to fill and empty the pool of air and universal faucet connections for different types of faucets. You get a comprehensive water birth kit with this home. This includes a water pump, water hose, thermometer, net, non-slip mat and floor protector. In addition to these products, there are also “nice to have” accessories, such as heat shields, anchors and mirrors, to buy. When you rent a birthing pool from us, the return shipping cost is also included.

Kit för vattenfödsel ingår när du hyr förlossningspool

When is the rented birthing pool delivered?

We send the birthing pool together with all the accessories to a postal agent near you during your 36th week of pregnancy, so that you can calmly unpack the pool, try to inflate it and find the most suitable place for it to stand. If you book “at the last minute”, you can count on a delivery time of three to seven working days.

Instructions are included and you will receive a notification by text or e-mail when it is time to pick up the package. The package is as big as a moving box and weighs about 20 kg.

How do I return the rented birthing pool?

You have the pool at your disposal until the baby is born or no later than week 42 of pregnancy (after this water birth is not recommended). If the baby is born at week 42, you naturally have a few extra days to land before the pool needs to be returned.

A return label is sent with the delivery of your birthing pool. When it’s time to send the package back, attach it to the box the pool came in. NOTE: The pool must be clean and dry before it is packed up. A fee of SEK 500 is charged if the pool is returned wet or in a dirty condition.

You can keep everything in the water birth kit for your own use or throw it away as these are disposable products that we do not rent out. Included instructions (also available here) guide you in the easiest way to fold the pool. Pack the clean and dry birthing pool in the included backpack together with the starter kit (air pump and faucet connections in a plastic box) and return via postman. Return shipping is included in the rental price.

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