Preparing for a water birth

You prepare for a water birth in the same way that you prepare for a regular bath. However, there are some additional matters that you should take into consideration when preparing for a water birth. The birth pool Make sure to rent or buy a pool well in advance. Our birth pools are specifically designed […]

Customers stories about the birthpool

A safe and warm bubble that was all mine Since my first pregnancy, I have wanted to give birth in water. With number one it was never like that, as the birthing tub was hard, happy and cold against my bare skin. With number two, we instead planned a home birth and then rented a […]

What is water birth?

Water birth is the process of giving birth in a birth pool filled with warm water. Some women choose to labour in water and then deliver on land. Other women decide to both labour and deliver in the birth pool. During the first stage of labour you can enter the pool. The warm water of […]

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